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trick or treat [Oct. 31st, 2005|11:54 pm]
noo alex coming down on the 11th. his grandpa's coming down. *sad face* thats okay. i like him too much. i hope that's mutual. I don't know why I keep thinking about him. Long distances aren't good. at all. but for some stupid reason. i have hope. JUST KIDDING. HE TEXTED ME THIS MORNING TELLING ME HE COULD COMEEEEEEEE !

halloween was fun.

i made cute pumpkins. and sung and danced and karoaked with bailey and britany. i HADDD WAYYY TO MUCH FUN WITH THE FOG MACHINE.

sooo many people liked my hair.. it was nice. i miss the blonde.


birthday is so soon too.

Ms. anderson liked my project BIOTCH.

D-mac sends me really cute text messages. why won't my phone let me text people? i have the service!
I told him about some past experiences too. I don't know why. I guess I know he isn't about to tell me I was/am/whatever teenager-y or dramatic OR what the hell you want to call it.. It was cute cuz he's like " when you want to do those things, just call me.. It will be more fun than that."



alex is a fucking sweetheart. im ready to hug and shoot him! HE Does NOT realze how sweet he is already without any presents or anything.

ThELouDOg92 (9:41:50 PM): i have a confession to make...i havent assembled teh fullness of yoru bday present...so do you want me to send down what i have so far or bring it all when i come down there next week
Hyperpixiegirl2 (9:42:21 PM): lol whatever you want.
Hyperpixiegirl2 (9:42:40 PM): im just happy people are actually like " oh danielle has a birthday!"
ThELouDOg92 (9:42:45 PM): true
Hyperpixiegirl2 (9:43:25 PM): its okay
Hyperpixiegirl2 (9:44:22 PM): im easilly pleased.. you could like scribble happy birthday on a receipt and i'd be happy. lol
ThELouDOg92 (9:44:35 PM): i hope do do slightly better than that

i am so excited for vegan cake. yay for stoltzy/
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(no subject) [Oct. 21st, 2005|05:04 pm]
this is the day i'm dying to get out of here.

life is so boring when what you want is too far away and there is nothing you want to do and no one you feel like seeing around here.

i long for more.

your wife and children looking at you so heartbroken. Just walk away like you are used to doing. [Oct. 13th, 2005|08:14 pm]
[Dani's Feeling |bouncybouncy]
[Dancing Around My Room to |blood brothers. sometimes i need to dance.]

I love how Bailey greeted me afterschool.


If you are wondering what " it" was.. the week before our three day homecoming weekend.

Today was nice. I know I did not fail my economics quiz and hopefully math too.

Afterschool, I got a massage IN A NON SEXUAL WAY. gosh im tired of peoples odd reactions. Ahh it was so lovely. I drooled so much.
My little clasp on my dress got fixed too. YEAHH. and i got a good vegan meal. SOUNDS LIKE one niceee day!

i got to see rebeccz too. She seems well.

If only bailey would pick up her phone. i've called like.. 26 times.

I DEFINITELY WENT ON A CLEANING SPREE. haha. It was fired up by my thought of " Wow... Alex is going to be here.. TOMMORROW! I should fix this mess!"

Yeah.. It's slightly sad to admit I've been looking forward to this weekend for two months.


TOMMORROW I NEED TO GO GROCERY SHOPPING which i wanted to do tonight but it that doesn't happen within 40 mins that is screwed, and then go get my nails done!

awe... homecoming cookies tonight idea is like.. screwed. oh well. i couldn't eat them anyway!
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Oh oh oh. dance dance dance dance dance! [Oct. 11th, 2005|04:49 pm]
[Dani's Feeling |cheerfulcheerful]
[Dancing Around My Room to |music.]


Today was just lovely.
I was in a great mood.
Random comments that say cute things make me want to screeamm and run around my house saying that 4 syllable? word over and over.

Jk gave me a whole box of teddy grahams and blue gatorade AND the craziest but cute card ever! That also pushed my good mood to the next level.


yeah yeah yeah. that's basically all of my excitement.

other than Homecoming/Alex weekend is like.. 3 days away.

One other note.. We say we are friends, yet I do not talk to you and you do not talk to me.. ha. Words can be so amazing but yet so meaningless.
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(no subject) [Oct. 11th, 2005|06:37 am]
i love random happiness.

i love people who can make me happy so easily!

i love this excitement over such tiny,simple things that took maybe.. 2 minutes.



...shoot me..... everything has a downfall and so far, i havent really found one.. so ... you know what that means.
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MacAttakPro 2gether 4ever is something that should be on elementary school girls friendship bracel.. [Oct. 8th, 2005|01:07 am]
[Dani's Feeling |gigglygiggly]
[Dancing Around My Room to |tap that break.]

yeah. so today was good. thank goodness.

school a bore. it was rather easy besides basically flunking my economics exam!

then.. did my TB test. YEAHH i don't have tuberclosis! isnt that lovely.

um.. SOOO Bailey and Michelle and I went to Bizzaros and it was cute.. arthur and brittany said hi and such. . and like.. rented a movie and wandered in walgreens.

yeah. we watched degrassi new season. I kept spazzing out. haha. im crazy.

so they left. then i agrued with arthur about his adventures and my idea of a good time. it was too hilarious. then i decided to dye my hair a "cool blonde" and 2 minutes into the situation i decided i REALLY hated the color! and rinsed out. I'm so lame.

Now i'm talking to my good buddies, D-mac (he called me earlier! it was exciting!) and Alex.

I told alex about how Arianna and I are taking a trip up to tallahasee. haha. now after homecoming weekend, we will plan to do.like that weekend after next ( cuz.. baileys parents are gone the weekend after homecoming.. so we might as well take advantage of that then.. do all that!)! okay!? yeahhH! Yeah. I love having things to do.

D-mac and I plan on going bowling tommorrow night. Heck yes. LOL. and there's so much more to do too.


P.s. I'm still freakishly excited about homecoming and such. Alex is going to see the Danielle when she's being loud and obnoxious and insanely ditzy if he didn't realize before. I'm accidently going to scare him away! O00o0o no! ew, i definitely just talked in 3rd person. haha wtf.

i put an addition into my sketch book. i love it.. although sometimes i get annoyed at it and want to burn it. it's really not even like artistic skill at all... but i'm going to add more as i see fit. yeah. im lame. its 825 and im just waiting to see if i can get my hair cut.

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im falling so fast and so hard.. and i have no idea what youre talking. [Oct. 3rd, 2005|07:35 pm]
[Dani's Feeling |amusedamused]
[Dancing Around My Room to |relient k. taste of feet. haha.]

i stayed home.
like a cool kid.

i wasted the day watching maury and court tv and made chocolate rasberry bars.. yumm.

i also looked at the MILLIONS of pictures on photobucket for prom and homecoming.

i compiled a "inspirational hair idea picture pages" so my hair stylist doesn't make my hair look fugly.

the buttionere and the corsage are ordered.
i love love love love love that alex didn't know what the corsage/buttionere was or what not.. that made me so happy. the funny thing is.. he doesn't know that i didn't know was GQ (gentlemens quarterly,damn you).. was! :P <33

here's some pretty random pictures i liked or something.

just hold my heart..Collapse )
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cinnamin raisin and too much excitement. we need to get out the grape jelly to calm down everyone. [Oct. 2nd, 2005|12:02 pm]
[Dani's Feeling |excitedexcited]
[Dancing Around My Room to |itunes itunes itunes]

Oh gosh. I'm happy.
Every sad entry always needs a happy one after it.

This weekend was plainly amazing.
Friday night, Bailey and I were going to go to 702 but we got there and it wasn't open at all. strange. SOO.. we left to the mall. I bought a ring. It was exciting. Afterthat we went to steak and shake. The 21 year old guy who we gave my number was working.. we didn't harrass him though. eating a ton of french fries and soda, we went to house of joe. mhmm.... smoothie. their smoothies suckkk compared to east coast's though. came home. i love how Bailey and I always complain about how lame we are cuz we hang out alone.. ahhah but we complain when we hang out with other kids too. stayed up talking to random kids.. i wanted go to hang out with the myspace boy but there was no where to go.. talked to matt yates and frank and alex. fun stuff. i read more of my AP book. after a while, i got bored and went to sleep.

Saturday. I was lounging around in my pjs when Alyssa called telling me to come meet her at house of shoes. so I went. in my pjs for that matter with un-washed hair and looking grungy. but that's okay! I bought my homecoming shoes and purse, which costed more than my dress! haha! 56 dollars there.. then we went to this consignment shop.. but they were selling new jewelry, so i bought a necklace, a bracelet, and earrings.. it would have cost 80 dollars but i got it for 67! yeah! haha. so far, i've spent 153 dollars. THAT'S LESS THAN MICHELLE'S AND ALYSSA'S AND BAILEY'S dresses! hahah. i rock! anyways.. THE BEST THING EVER WAS THAT.. alex called and i miss his phone call.. then i called him and he missed mine.. then he called back and he's like "my friend, CJ, has something to tell you.. " and this very much gay who sounded so fun guy picked up the phone and he's like " YOU KNOWW.. YOU PICKED THE HARDEST COLOR FOR A GUY TO FIND!" HAHA. omgg it made me so happy. all day. i MEAN THAT! THAT'S WHAT I TOLD EVERYONE ALL DAY! then we went back to alyssas and showed her famila people over prettiness or lack there of? hahah. anYWAYS.. then grocery shopping. then i came home and slept. and then bleached my hair.. except i learned how hard it is to bleach the back of your own head. so i missed a lot of the back. so someones going to come over and fix it. then i talked online and slept.

should i .. do a boxed blonde dye or go white?
give me your opinions now!

today. i have talked to my buddies. and i tried doing homework. and i talked to the myspace boy about hustler. um awkward?

I wish wish wish wish wish i could be around him forever. *sigh nostalgia*

WhoLovesLoki (11:58:25 AM): no this place sucks
WhoLovesLoki (11:58:27 AM): but i missed ya

gosh. 12 days till i can finally shut up about LATIN BOY COMING DOWN!!!! seriously guys. just hit me now!

ARIANNa came over. we went to walmart and bleached my hair. and ate lots of candy and such! it was lovely.
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oh you know so ... [Sep. 21st, 2005|10:32 pm]



ThELouDOg92 (10:30:30 PM): so about your homecomming is it still alright if i come down for it
Hyperpixiegirl2 (10:30:51 PM): definitely.
ThELouDOg92 (10:31:16 PM): cool well i finnaly got a defenitive yes outta my parents on it tonight
Hyperpixiegirl2 (10:31:24 PM): sweet deal.
ThELouDOg92 (10:31:25 PM): so thats good
Hyperpixiegirl2 (10:31:32 PM): i agree.


life's too complicated to not to be excited over the little things.


2nd edit. thank you " ad infinitum" for those teddy grahams. it made my day a million times better. oi. soo tired. god. i hate certain hot guys. ahhaa. oo.. i need to stop drinking caffeine and sugar and sleep already <3
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I feel like I'm on an itunes commerical. [Sep. 19th, 2005|07:06 pm]
[Dani's Feeling |boredbored]
[Dancing Around My Room to |hard.x.core. hahaha.]

If my weekend was not exciting enough for you..
Today I decided to sleep instead of going to school.
So i stayed home doing basically nothing and watching random television.
THE DOORBELL RINGS. SO I'm thinking it's the neighbors or something.. but noooo.

Arianna, Taleese and Riza are outside. I'm in silky pink pjs with no bra on. HAHA. I let them in.. AND get dressed.
It was senior skip day.. and basically the whole wolrd of eau gallie didn't go.

SO, we went to walmart and listened to all these cds and danced... then we went to this awesome costume shop. I wanted to buy everything.. dropped off taleese at work, and then went to Sally's Beauty supply. That's definitely like the place I'm at.. way too much. We drove by all the eau gallie kids leaving school. THERE ARE SOME HOTTTT BOYS! haha. Arianna and I sung and danced the entire way home, It was fantastic.

Got home, and Bailey came over for a few to chat and we were going to go to Ryan's house to get yearbook pictures, but he was sick. :(

AFTERTHAT.. Mike gave me a cute teddy bear and we ordered chinese take out, one of my favorite meals ever.

I HOPE HOPE HOPE HOPE riza,and taleese, and arianna and i go to the orlando malls.. cuz thatd be super cool. next stop tallahasee? only in my dreams.

i really need to do my hw.


laguna beach <3.

MacAttakPro [9:10 AM]: i was going to suggest perhaps dinner on friday but im afraid of what you might end up eating
Hyperpixiegirl2 [9:10 AM]: LOL!!
Hyperpixiegirl2 [9:10 AM]: haha
Hyperpixiegirl2 [9:10 AM]: i eat normal!
Hyperpixiegirl2 [9:11 AM]: will you learn how to make a vegan meal
Hyperpixiegirl2 [9:11 AM]: and we can have dinner and dance!
MacAttakPro [9:11 AM]: like i can picture a hobo eating icing and gatorade that he bummed off some guy leaving publix
MacAttakPro [9:11 AM]: sounds like a plan
MacAttakPro [9:12 AM]: only i cannot dance
Hyperpixiegirl2 [9:12 AM]: hahah REALLY!?

if there's not mall and such.. i might have a night out with D-mac. I don't know if it's considered a date. i suppose so.
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